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Hotel accommodation in Pompeii 200mt from archeological site.

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Welcome to Pompeii by the Hotel Villa dei Misteri.

The hotel takes its name from the ruins of an ancient Pompeian villa located on the same street. The villa is known for a fresco portraying the initiation rites (or "mysteries") of the Dionysian cult.

The hotel's relaxed family atmosphere has made it especially popular among archaeologists and architecture schools visiting Pompei. It is also perfect for anyone who wants to visit the area away from the city traffic within easy reach of major transportation points.

There are 33 rooms available, all with private baths. The rooms come with two beds, and a third can be added upon request. Half of the rooms are located in the main building. The others are located around the swimming pool in the centre of the hotel complex.

The pool is in the shape of a classic vase and is 25 meters (83 feet) long. A long sun deck stretches above the pool. During the summer, part of the sun deck is used by the restaurant for outdoor dining.

A small meeting room, seating up to 40 people, can be used to gather before visiting the archaeological Pompeian digs or as a classroom.

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Hotel Villa dei Misteri - Via Villa dei Misteri, 11 - Pompei (NA) - C.A.P. 80045 - Tel. 081/861.35.93 - Fax 081/862.29.83