Pompei Hotel Villa dei Misteri

Pompei: Hotel Villa dei Misteri, 200m from archeological site.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are, grouped by argument, the answers to the most frequently asked questions 


Does a double room have a double bed or two single beds?
All of our double rooms are equipped with one large double bed. Should you wish to receive a room with two single separated bed (instead of one unique double bed), we suggest you to write this wish in the field note of the reservation form or, any case to inform us by e-mail  before the arrival. This way we may tell the maids to split the double bed in two single beds so that the room will be correctly configured for your needs.

Is there a TV in the rooms?
Yes, even though at the moment the TV is only available in several room. There is also a TV Sat in the hotel hall.

Are the rooms air conditioned?
Only a few of our rooms have the air conditioning device installed. Thus if you wish to reserve a room with air conditioning you should write this need in the fields note of the reservation form.

Is there a telephone in the room?
No, in the rooms there is only an house phone. In order to telephone you may use a public phone installed in the hotel's hall, while if you need to receive calls, you may give the number of the hotel. The call will be switched to a telephone installed in the reception floor (in fact there is no connection with the house phones installed in the rooms).

Is there an internet point in the hotel?
Yes. We have a WiFi internet point access available.


What breakfast consist of?
 We serve a buffet breakfast. It consists of  cereals, fruit juces, cheese, meat cuts,  milk,  coffea, fruit, Yogurt , snacks, marmelaids, bread...

Is breakfast included in room's price?
You may book the room "with" or "without breakfast". Of course if you reserve choosing the service "Room only" , as you not pay for it,  the breakfast is not included. To have breakfast included you should reserve the room choosing the "Bed and Breakfast" option. This way you will have your breakfast included in the price.

Are there any facilities for people who are affected by reduced motorial or sensorial ability?
Yes, as the structure is almost all horizontal with a lot of rooms at ground floor and with slopes that connect different levels, the greatest deal of the hotel is enjoyable by people who have reduced motorial or sensorial ability.
Besides we have two rooms, specifically designed for this scope, characterized by large door, no steps, special shower and bath furniture.
Should you wish to have one of this room, please request it at reservation time. 

Is there a car parking?
Every room has its car parking area within the hotel. The parking is not covered by a shelter, and is not overlooked. But at night time, all the parking are is closed by a gate. Should you have object of a certain value in the car you must  inform of it the the hotel manager immediately at the arrival, so that he will be able to take them to a deposit.

Is there a pool?
Yes a swimming pool shaped like an amphora 23 meters long an 1.60 meter deep is available from June 1 to October 31 from 9:00 am to 9p.m.
The use of the pool is free of charge. A little part of the pool, whose depth is only 1 meter is usually used by children overlooked by their parents.

Which is the hotel rating?
The Italian law classify the hotel in 5 category distinguished by a number of "stars", where the 5 star are the luxury hotels. In this scale our hotel is classified as 2 star. The reason is that the hotel lacks of those services like TV and telephone in rooms, and the ratio between number of employees and guest is not particularly high. Any way, a requalification program has been started and within few years we will change to the 3 star rating.
But although only two star we have facilities that sometimes hotel of higher category do not have, for instance the pool, the car parking, the solarium, the large internal spaces. Besides our point of strength is the location so close to the entrance of the archaeological site and to the major means of transportations that is so special to covers …the lack of stars...

Is it possible to have a baby cot?
Yes. We have some bay cots available (camping type).

Price and payment

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, it is possible to pay the bill using VISA, EUROCARD, MASTERCARD. Just be sure that your card is one of these (for instance, we do not accept the America Express card) and check that the expiry date is latter the departure date. The card may be used only for the hotel's bill payment (not for change with cash  as we are not authorized to that) . Besides, as may not use credit card "at distance"  the payment may happen only physically passing your card through our Pont of Sale device. In other words it is not possible to send us a payment in advance or a deposit just faxing us your credit card details as we have not the authorization to act like that.

Is it possible to pay with a bank cheque?
No, we do not accept bank cheque. Only, credit cards (VISA, EUROCARD, MASTERCARD) and cash.

Do you accept reservation for long periods?
We are very pleased to accept reservation of archaeologist or historians or even students who need to stay for several days or week at Villa dei Misteri for their studies about the archaeological site. But it is important to know that there could be little problems for such a type of reservations. In fact especially when we are rather full of previous reservation of individuals or groups, it could happen that we do not have a same room available for the whole period because for some period it is already reserved by others. In these cases it could happen that we could accept you reservation only if you agree to change your room one or more time during your stay. Any case we will clearly point out this matter at reservation time, giving you the dates on which the room change will be required, Besides as a cancellation for such a long time could cause us serious damages we could even require you to send us a little deposit in order to have the reservation confirmed.

Are there any price reduction for long stay?
No. There are not. We prefer a policy of a generally low price level instead of a policy of high prices and complicated discount formulas.

Are there any price reduction for groups?
No. The price for groups are the same of those published on the web site and the bill will be calculated with reference to those prices and to all the person who receive our services (including the group leader and the group's bus driver, if guested).

Reservation procedure

Before booking I would like to have other information...
We have cared to write all the possible information about the hotel on our web site, and those information to be faithful to the information you could receive by contacting us directly.. But if you have a special question that has had no answer on the web site you could send us an Email (info@villadeimisteri.it) or phone ar +39 (0)81 861 3593.

What is the reservation procedure?
We do not accept reservation by telephone as we prefer that all the information and the agreement between us and the guest to be written.
The easiest way to reserve to book a room is to fill and send us the reservation form that you will be able to find on our web site. If the room (or the rooms) are available for the requested period, within few hours we will send you back a confirmation of booking that you may print and show us at the arrival at Villa dei Misteri Hotel. Please take note that your reservation request is to be considered confirmed only when you receive our confirmation of booking.
Should you prefer a simple Email or fax, (instead of the confirmation of booking, that as said, is the best way,) do not forget to write all the data we need:

How can I be sure to have a confirmed reservation at Villa dei Misteri?
When we receive a reservation request, and we have rooms available for the requested period, we send the guest a "Confirmation of booking" that may be print in order to show us it at the arrival at Villa dei Misteri. There is no other way to evidence that you have a reservation at Villa dei Misteri, and this is one of the reason for which we do not accept phone bookings.

May I choose the position of the room within the hotel?
No. It is only possible to write us your wish. If there no other reservation that prevent us, we try to grant the guest wish. Any way should you think that you want a room, "only if"  it is in a certain position, it is important to write it with emphasis, so that we may evaluate weather to accept or not the reservation request..

Am I requested to give my credit card details or send a deposit in order to have my reservation request confirmed?
No. Unless of groups reservation, or unless of period of extremely high demand or for a long period, we do not require neither credit card details nor deposit in order to send the guest the confirmation of booking. When it is necessary, we will send you a conditioned confirmation of booking, in which we write clearly that the confirmation expires unless, a deposit of a certain amount is sent to the hotel bank account. In these case, the amount is roughly enough to cover the first night charge.

What is the cancellation policy?
First of all we would like to point out that we do not need deposits or credit card details in order to confirm a reservation, so, in these case there is no need to read about the cancellation policy. Just send us an Email or a Fax if cancellation as soon as possible (in order to let we sell the room to someone else) and any penalty will be applied. What follows, instead, regards the rare cases in which we have request the guest a deposit in order to receive our confirmation of booking, and is the case of the large groups or the case of extremely high demand period. For these special cases, the cancellation policy is the following.
As the date is important, we accept only written cancellation of bookings (by fax or Email)
If the cancellation request arrives more than a month before the arrival, the deposit that should have eventually sent to the hotel is completely refunded . If the deposit arrives within 30 and 15 days before arrival, only one half of the deposit is refunded. Then if the cancellation arrives within 15 and 0 days before arrival or the client do not arrives at all, the deposit is completely kept to cover the economical damage caused not to accepting other reservation request. In any case if we keep a deposit or a part of it, an invoice is sent to the guest.

Is it possible to pay in advance or guarantee a reservation by giving the credit card details?
No. As written in an other of these F.A.Q., except special case that we will point out, we do not need any deposit or any credit carded detail in order to confirm a reservation. Besides, we are not authorized to use credit card "at distance" .  In fact we may only accept payments passing the card though our Point Of  Sale device and take the guest signature on the receipt.

Other F.A.Q.

Do you accept  dogs?
We accept only small dogs strictly looked after by the owner to avoid damages to people and things. Any case the dog has to be kept out of restaurant and pool area.

Why the name of the Hotel is "Villa dei Misteri"?
Because the hotel stands nearby an ancient suburban villa called as the hotel "Villa dei Misteri". On the wall of the Triclynium of this villa (digged out on 1903 by the archaeologist Maiuri, a wonderful fresco showing shows ancient ritual of initiation to cult of god Dyonisos. This rituals are called Mysteries in Greek language.

Is Villa dei Misteri an Hotel or a Motel?
The founder Mr. Filippo Sabatino, imagined and designed the touristic complex to work as Motel in which guest could arrive with their car up to their room. In fact only a half of the rooms has this feature, as some other are situated in a main building of 2 floor, such as hotel's room. As a matter of fact the structure is a mix of an hotel and a motel. Recently, Italian law, has defined Motel those hotel particularly designed to fit the needs of car park, refuelling and car repair. Under this aspect the more correct definition should be that of a hotel, as some of these service are grant on request by external resources.

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