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Pompeii: Hotel Villa dei Misteri, 200m from archeological site.


The Archaeological site of Pompeii

The historian Tacitus in his “Annales” writes that in 62 A.C. during the reign of Nero, the town was devastated by a strong earthquake that ruined most of its building and public places. The Pompeians were still reconstructing the town when in 79 A.C. the Vesuvius eruption buried the town under a 4 meters layer of ashes and pumice stones (lapilli). But this tragedy evolved into a fortune for the future generations. In fact today you have the opportunity to visit an ancient town perfectly saved by the destruction of time, with all its decorations, furnitures, people’s cast. You can walk though it and imagine how life was, ear the voice of people in the market, and read written messages “graffiti” on the walls that you about love, politics, gossips, and gladiator's fight in the amphitheatre. The frescos, describe clearly every day life scenes, and also tell how different life was at that time.

What to see
The archaeological site is really large and it may be visited trough different thematic itineraries each of one takes about 3 hours. Of course there are a lot of important buildings to see: the forum, the temples, the thermae, the theatre, the termopolia, the lupanare, the gymnasium, the necropolis, and the victim’s statues.
But we guess that the most interesting itineraries are those going through private houses. Among these, the most beautiful once are the house of Vetti, the Menadro’s home, Julia Felix house, the house of Venus and the Villa of the Mysteries.

How to get there
The largest entrance called Porta Marina  is at about 200 meters from the Hotel. The best thing is to walk to there leaving your car at the hotel parking.






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300 mt. 4 hours.

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