Pompei Hotel Villa dei Misteri

Pompeii: Hotel Villa dei Misteri, 200m from archeological site.


Sorrento: land of the mermaid

The Greeks called this place Sireon, that means land of the mermaid then the name was deformed to Sorrento. Very famous in the past because of the Villas that raised around the temple of Minerva. Nowadays, the archaeological evidences are very few.
Nowadays the town offer you enchanting corners,  lots of shops, discos, cinemas and places to meet people from all over the world.

What to see
The historical centre, The Villa comunale, the museo Correale.

How to get there
The easiest and quickest way to get there is to get a  Circumvesuviana train that take you there in 30 minutes. The station is next to the hotel, and is a nice . The train takes you there in 30 minutes.



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25 Km. 4 hours.

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