Pompei Hotel Villa dei Misteri

Pompeii: Hotel Villa dei Misteri, 200m from archeological site.



Somearcheologist think that the ancient town of Stabiae was destroyed by Silla. Othere simpley believe that it hasn’t located yet. In fact what you can actually see today is not the ancient town but  a large group of tombs (by which experts guess there was a town nearby) and some of the most sumptuos suburban villas.
These villas are all situated on the border of a cliff below which once there was the sea. Actually the sea and the beach has changed the line for about 2 km  because of the volcano materials, and the river sediment so the landscape is a bit changed and there is still a sea.... A sea of modern  houses.

What to see
The beautiful Villa San Marco, The Villa di Arianna, and the Villa del Pastore.

How to get there
The easiest way is to go there by car taking the highway road to Castellammare. You can also get there by train, taking a Circumvesuviana train directed to Sorrento and get off at the station of  Via Nocera. This station is 800 meters far from the archaeological site. The walk from the station to the archaeological site is not pleasant as it crosses a wide slum but at the end you will be surely surprised by the beauty of frescos and antique villas. Really interesting.

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8 Km. 3 hours.

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