Pompei Hotel Villa dei Misteri

Pompeii: Hotel Villa dei Misteri, 200m from archeological site.


Villa of the Mysteries

This is an elegant house outside the walls of ancient Pompeii. There are various and different rooms. Some are decorated with frescos and the most famous of them is the one portraying a “megalography” rapresenting the ancient rituals of the Dyonisian misteries. Other rooms are designed for a more practical use, such as the production and commercialization of wine.

How to get there
The Villa of the Mysteries is 200 meters from the hotel, so the best thing is to walk to it startig directely from the hotel. What is important to know is that to enter, you need a tiket that is the same tiket to visit the ruins of the whole town of Pompeii. This means that it is necessary to plan both the excursions on the same day. The Villa dei Mysteri is accessible even from inside the Pompeii ruins’ town , following a farm path that stars at the end of “Tomb’s road”. After visiting the Villa it is not necessary to cross the archaeological side again. In fact you may exit on the external road. The hotel is just 200 meters from there!



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200 mt. 1 hour.

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